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  • June Barberel-Prince

Keeping it in the family

The Preston Technical company values are vital to the way that the company acts and behaves in doing business. Derek Prince, Operations Director explained further “operating ethically and with integrity at all times underpins everything that we do”

“This is easy to say – but much harder to prove on a continuous basis. One of the acid tests is the type of people that we want to employ in Preston Technical who we know will uphold and live these values day to day.”

He commented further “Preston Technical is a standout business because the company values are embedded in everything we do. In difficult times, such as recently, most people rely on their family and close partners to help navigate the way through. It is due to the values that a family holds dear as to how you respond positively to the challenges that are thrown at you.”

This is exemplified by Derek’s personal situation at Preston Technical. He has been the long standing Operations Director in the company, but not only that – his wife Leigh has worked in the company as a production operative for over 20 years.

And now the latest Prince addition to the company workforce is June Prince – their daughter – who has recently joined the company as Marketing Executive. June had the employment world at her feet after completing her Masters degree in International Business and Management – but had no hesitation in going to work at Preston Technical saying “that the main key attractions for me was the togetherness felt by all employees in living the Company Values and the way that the business inspires people to innovate in everything they do. I will learn so much more in such a company to help advance my career”.

Lee Parnell, Managing Director is delighted by June choosing to come to work at Preston Technical – “family values are so important here, I had no hesitation myself in succeeding my father Brian as the Managing Director in 2010 – it was great that we continued to work together on the Board until he retired in 2019, and it is great to have June on board now as well.”



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