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  • June Barberel-Prince

THE Adhesive Tape Converter

If you need an adhesive tape converter that can meet all your tape requirements, then you have come to the right company!

Adhesive tape converter vs glue

Today’s adhesive tape converter needs to have a broad portfolio of products and leading suppliers backed with full design and manufacturing capabilities to deliver a market-leading performance to its customers.

Many people ask what an adhesive tape converter actually does – well – put very simply – a tape converter utilises a variety of manufacturing processes to transform a flexible material, adhesive or non-adhesive, and normally in large format rolls (often called jumbos) or sheets into another much smaller dimension in order to provide an exact solution to a customer process or design problem.

The adhesive tape converter’s role in the customer supply chain is vital to all tape manufacturers. The tape manufacturer’s role within that chain is just that – to make tape – and preferably in large sizes and quantities!

However, not many customers actually use tape in that way! What tape manufacturers don’t have is the ability to provide a bespoke customer requirement – they simply don’t have that level of service delivery and flexibility built into their business model – which is why they need an adhesive tape converter like Preston Technical within their supply chain.

The need in modern manufacturing is to find ways to make production processes cost efficient, quicker, cleaner, and environmentally robust whilst retaining high levels of output quality. Using tape in a converted format helps fulfill all those needs and wants.

Not just any company can step up and – bluntly put – convert sticky tape! It requires a combination of the right products, design capability, process knowledge….. and an element of “black art” experience from over 30 years in the business of adhesive tape converting.

That is why you have come to the right place for THE Adhesive Tape Converter – that’s Preston Technical!

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