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We work with global brand leading material manufacturers and hold important Preferred Convertor status with many of them.

Our major supplier partners include 3M, Orafol, Scapa, Lohmann, Tesa ..... but there are many more.

We can supply a full range of self adhesive tape products including 3M VHB tm, acrylic foams, double and single coated products, foam and protection materials, transfer adhesives, thermally and electrically conductive bonding materials, protection films (including optically clear), reclosable fasteners, masking materials, electrical tape, sound deadening foams - and so on – the list is endless!.

What Makes us Different

Where we differ from other tape convertors is that our conversion expertise also extends to a wide variety of non adhesive materials – for example - we are able to convert a full range of abrasive materials from wide web format into discs, sheets, belts etc. We also convert filtration media and insulation materials from wide web, and other non woven products such plastic matting.

In fact if you have a material than you need converting or combining with other substrates – just give us a call or e mail us – it’s doubtful we haven’t heard of it!

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