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3M's Mighty Products Within 3 Meters

That's right!

This mind-blowing claim made by 3M a few years ago has become even more evident in 2023, with self-adhesive tapes taking the spotlight. And guess what? Most of these remarkable products can be found in your everyday life!

At Preston Technical, we take immense pride in our long-standing partnership with 3M and being recognised as a Premier Converter of their self-adhesive tapes in the UK.

Preston Technical 3M Preferred Converter

Our mission? To deliver the perfect 3M customer solution exactly the way you want it. 💼🔝

Now, let's debunk any scepticism about encountering 3M adhesive tape die cuts within a 3-meter radius throughout your day. Just imagine your typical day: you wake up and grab your mobile phone, intricately assembled and protected using small adhesive tape die cuts. 📱✨

As you prepare breakfast, your microwave's front fascia, including the touchscreen, relies on die cut tape for its construction. Even your trusty washing machine is packed with die cut tape applications to ensure its seamless performance. 🍳🔧

Next, during your commute to work, whether by car or another means, the transportation industry surrounds you with an endless array of die-cut adhesive tape applications. 3M's VHB tape has become the industry standard from road signs to commercial signage. 🚗🚦

Once you arrive at your workplace, your computer greets you with a friendly reminder that it, too, features one or two die cut applications.

Even unexpected moments, like a visit to the hospital following a minor accident, reveal 3M's global presence in the medical field. As you undergo various tests, you'll notice the specific 3M brand adorning the die cut conductive adhesive electrodes used for your ECG. 🏥⚕️

And let's not forget the mundane tasks. When it's time to repair your car, the local garage ensures a flawless finish using die cut adhesive tape masking shapes—the secret behind 3M's renowned automotive paint quality. 🚙🎨

Finally, when you return home to unwind and turn on your TV, you can rest assured that 3M's remarkable influence extends even there.

So, next time you notice the incredible impact of these tiny yet powerful 3M products, remember the dedicated team at Preston Technical and our commitment to providing you with the best solutions on the market.



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