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  • June Barberel-Prince

How Important is a sample

New customers are important to any company and none more so than Preston Technical!

Many potential customers start their journey of using die-cut self-adhesive tape by requesting a sample to ensure that the product will work in their design or manufacturing process first.

Ben Ashworth, Project Leader at Preston Technical explains in more detail – “in many of our new customer applications the experience starts with a sample. The speed of response on a request for a sample is vital for the customer as many projects can be time critical – and without saying – also the dimensional accuracy and quality of the sample part we provide”.

Ben commentated further “at this stage having a good interaction with our customers to guide them through the product selection process is an extremely important step. As we have a wealth of knowledge of converting self-adhesive tape products and how this fits optimally in the customer manufacturing process, experience has shown that we can help the customer in making the best and cost-effective product design choice”.

Preston Technical can provide samples and prototypes in a dizzying array of shapes and sizes and products – and quickly – as Ben describes “we can accept customer sample requests in pretty much any format from downloaded CAD files to paper drawings. When we receive these, we can often suggest ways to design and present the sample which will save money or improve productivity at a later stage when going into full production”.

For many of our customers – the prototype may have to conform to their required industry quality standards, for example, requiring adherence to PPAP (pre-production approval process) as commonly used in the Automotive OEM sector, and Preston Technical can provide full compliance to this requirement as well.

So go ahead and give us your sample challenge – you will not regret it!



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