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Adhesive Tape Removal🚀

Adhesive tape removal!

Here at Preston Technical, we’ve been sharing insights almost weekly this year, and as we pass the halfway mark of 2024, we want to remind you of our mission:

educate, educate, educate! The benefits of adhesive tape are unstoppable, and we're here to spread the greatness to make sure it sticks (pardon the pun).

adhesive tape removal

In this year's educational series, we are tackling one of Google's most frequently asked questions about adhesive tape and exploring its applications across our main sectors: automotive, industrial, electrical, aerospace, and beyond!

So, the next burning question is: “How to remove adhesive tape?”

In the simplest terms:

Break the bond

Clean the residue

It may seem simple, doesn't it? Instead of offering a comprehensive written guide, we think 3M's video demonstrates this most effectively!

For tougher tapes, check out our guide on how to remove VHB!

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