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  • June Barberel-Prince

What CAN you do with Die Cut Adhesive Tape?

Well, the answer is probably just about anything!

It never ceases to amaze us what people want to do with pieces of sticky tape.

Often, we get asked what are our key markets?

There are, of course, some that we are heavily involved in such as automotive components, aerospace, and electronics for example – and these will continue to be important market segments for us both now and in the future.

Like many companies we focus on market segmentation when running our business planning sessions but the unpredictability of people’s design ideas for utilising die cut adhesive tape can sometimes be extreme!

In recent years we have had enquiries and sales across an amazing diversity of applications – such as this wide spectrum:

self-adhesive sensors for determining the fertility of cattle

designing a closure for mosquito nets

use of die-cut adhesive feet for stopping animal feeding bowls moving around on the floor

bonding watertight seals in deep water submersibles

self-adhesive foils for use in hairdressing

drain hole covers for NHS stainless steel sinks to prevent fly infestations

It is highly unlikely that you could carry out a market segmentation analysis and come up with these design solutions in your business plan.

For that reason, we at Preston Technical are literally prepared for any sales enquiry we get where people need our adhesive tape knowledge to make their problems go away with ingenious solutions.

So however weird or wacky you may think your design or manufacturing problem is and there won’t be an answer – the chances are that it won’t be the weirdest one we have ever worked on!



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