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Tailored to your exact requirements

Here's just a taste of our processing capabilities here at Preston Technical

Die Cut Pieces

Die Cutting

Bespoke shaped pieces of self-adhesive tape which are specifically produced to a customer’s design or process requirement which in turn enables the customer to achieve an easier, quicker, and cleaner way to assemble components and can also facilitate the use of automation in production processes

Narrow Width Slit Rolls

Narrow Width Slitting

More product manufacturers are using very narrow widths of acrylic foam tape in their component designs as a way to reduce cost and weight. We have honed our slitting and conversion processes to enable product designers to accommodate narrow width tape usage precisely and accurately within the finished component.

CAD computer Image

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

We have a full in-house turnkey service design and prototyping capability for our customers. This helps in optimising tape conversion designs to achieve cost, quality, and functionality objectives for the customer. It also helps achieve a rapid prototyping service which reduces design cycle times and development costs.

TabTech Image

TabTech® is a new patented product developed by Preston Technical underlining our deserved reputation for innovation. It features specific die-cut lengths of tape in a unique roll form which incorporates a method to enable the tape release liner to be easily removed and which can help achieve major productivity gains.

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Adhesive Tape Converter

Making your life easier - from faster product lines to stronger outcomes

Adhesive Tape Die Cut

Consistent, complex shapes...

Using a die cut tape design enables consistency and dimensional accuracy to be achieved in assembling customer products even if the shape is complex. Using self-adhesive tape is the modern way to assemble products and components rather than traditional mechanical fixing methods – and achieving significant process savings as a result.

Tape Measure

...made to measure...

Every piece is designed with your specific problem in mind - we can make not just any shape, but can also scale pieces up and down in order to make sure they're a perfect fit for whatever you need.

Save Money and Time and Promote Growth save you time, money and reduce waste!

These factors combined allow pre-cut adhesive pieces to be applied much faster on assembly lines, whether by hand or machine. Streamlining the whole process means you can focus on the important things, instead of worrying about mistakes and struggling to cut and apply pieces over and over.

Someone Measuring and Designing Adhesive Tape

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Client Testimonials

A quick look into how we helped some of our previous customers...

Attachment Tape on a Car

A major UK Tier 1 automotive trim manufacturer wanted to achieve process cycle time reduction of applying acrylic foam tape to the edges of a car rear spoiler trim. We achieved this reduction by using our new design concept for die cuts – TabTech® which enabled the production operative to easily dispense and apply the die cut design.

Bonding Solution for Aerospace

Saving customer’s money by providing innovative solutions to labour intensive processes was amply demonstrated when we designed bespoke self-adhesive masks for aircraft wing spars for a major aircraft manufacturer. This innovation resulted in the achievement of an 85% improvement in the component assembly time.

White Good Bonding Solutions

Producing today’s modern domestic white goods appliances is a tough market environment where saving assembly time and money is a major competitive advantage for manufacturers. We have a developed a lot of know how of how to utilise tape die cuts in appliance design and assembly processes.


A product manufacturer was assisted by us in designing and supplying an anti-slip solution for a pet feeding bowl which slipped on the floor. We designed bespoke die cuts of a non-slip plastic material applied to the underside of the bowl which effectively stopped the slippage problem - and keeps pets happier!

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