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Exciting News from TabTech! 🌟

We're thrilled to share the multitude of benefits our innovative product brings to our customers!


💡 From improved efficiency to enhanced precision, the advantages are truly boundless.

When we initially developed TabTech, our primary focus was on simplifying the application of long-length adhesive strips from a roll. We recognised the convenience of utilising the roll as a guide, enabling seamless tape application with optimal pressure for secure bonding. This fundamental feature laid the foundation for our product's journey.

However, as we collaborated closely with various industries, we uncovered a plethora of additional benefits that exceeded our initial expectations. For instance, in partnership with an automotive company, we revolutionised the liner removal process. Unlike traditional tabbing tape, which can falter if not applied precisely, our integrated tab ensures consistent and reliable liner removal without any risk of line stops, significantly enhancing workflow efficiency.

Furthermore, another remarkable discovery emerged when a customer leveraged TabTech to create customisable 90-degree angle tabs. This ingenious solution facilitates easy liner removal, even in tight spaces, by utilising existing tabs or wrapping tabbing tape around them.

The journey of TabTech continues to unveil innovative solutions tailored to our customers' diverse needs. Check out the infographic below to explore just a glimpse of the remarkable benefits TabTech offers!



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