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  • June Barberel-Prince

Why Go Bespoke

Adhesive tapes are really invaluable at providing effective engineering solutions for the manufacturing process and design headaches. What a lot of people don’t realise when they buy a roll of tape is actually they don’t normally need a whole roll of tape, because the first thing most people do is to cut a specific length of tape from the roll sufficient for their needs – then maybe trim it to shape to do the job they want to use it for?

This works OK if you are doing a “one-off” job – but actually what people want is a bespoke shape suitable for their application needs which is dimensionally and consistently accurate. This is vital when you are trying to produce parts or components in the hundreds or thousands of units per day.

This is where Preston Technical come in. We understand that our customers need a bespoke self-adhesive tape solution, and it is our role to design it and produce it for them.

Why go bespoke image

Let us take one example. In today’s modern motor vehicle there are literally hundreds of pieces of bespoke shapes and sizes of tape used in its assembly – some of which are visible to the driver and passengers and many which are not. If we take one product – for example – a high performance acrylic foam tape such as 3M VHB ® – the same product can be used to provide an effective design solution for applications such as attaching a trim component, combining with other materials to provide a noise suppression answer, or helping to fill an unsightly gap in the vehicle to name a few.

The key element is that Preston Technical fully understand the importance of providing a way to cut that tape into a custom design for the customer and meet the technical requirements of the application. We have many years of experience and technical know-how in working across a wide portfolio of industries and can provide the input and guidance in using the right product for the application. Almost every part Preston Technical manufacture is of a bespoke nature – this is our business, and we know the value that it brings to our customers.



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