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  • June Barberel-Prince

You are never more than 3m away from a 3M Product!

This was a claim made by 3M a couple of years ago, but it is likely that distance has shortened in 2021, and most of the products are self-adhesive tapes. It sounds incredible until you consider what you either use or come across in your day-to-day life.

Preston Technical is proud to have a long association with 3M and also of holding the accreditation of a Premier Converter of self-adhesive tapes for 3M in the UK. Our role is to help deliver the 3M customer solution in a way that the customer wants to buy it.

If you don’t believe how you can be touched inside a 3 metre distance by 3M adhesive tape die cuts in the course of your day, let’s just consider what that day looks like!

So, on waking up in the morning most people look at their mobile phones which are packed full of small or minute adhesive tape die cuts in how that phone is built and protected in use. You then have some breakfast and may, for example, use a microwave to help prepare it – the front fascia of which uses die cut tape as well as the touchscreen. Before leaving for work you may put the washing machine on which again is full of die cut tape applications….

You may then go to work by car, or some other mode of transport. There are so many die-cut adhesive tape applications within in the transportation industry you would need over 3 metres of paper to list them all! On your journey you will pass numerous road and commercial signs which are assembled extensively using 3M VHB tm tape – this has become the industry standard.

You get to your computer at work – and guess what – hmmm….there are 1 or 2 die cut applications in that device (a very conservative estimate it has to said). Your job involves making robotic assembly solutions for manufacturing industries – oh and by the way – self-adhesive tape die cuts are integrated into the current manufacturing process you are working on for a customer.

Unfortunately, on the way home you have a minor accident in which you end up in hospital – you are OK – but the hospital needs to run various tests before they release you. 3M is noted for its global presence in the medical field, and you notice when they run an ECG test on you that the 3M brand is plastered (excuse the pun) all over the die cut conductive adhesive electrodes that are placed on you.

Whilst arranging your car repair on your mobile phone – think we covered that earlier? – you phone you local garage to take your car in to be repainted. When you arrive at the garage you see they are preparing a car using die cut adhesive tape masking shapes to provide the best automotive paint finish that 3M are noted for worldwide (oh and Preston Technical convert those masking products as well….)

When you finally get home, it is time to relax and put the TV on…..we could go on….. but I think you are getting the big picture now!

You really are no more (in fact less than) 3 metres away from a 3M self- adhesive tape application in your life and hopefully Preston Technical has touched it on the way!



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